03 November 2010

Finishing Up this Project for Nellie Belle

This little coat for Nellie Belle is based on a free pattern found at Lion Brand website. OK, I didn't have the right yarn and I modified the collar and I modified the number of rounds for the back and the chest piece and it still didn't fit right so I added some "straps" to give Nellie B some extra leg room. Lots of ends to weave in--mostly due to all the modifications I did. Here's pics of Nellie B and she's not too happy playing model for me. She had been snuggled under an old Mexican throw on her daddy's recliner when I rudely took her covers and put this on her. Hope you enjoy...
If looks could kill! 

Leave me alone 'K?


  1. LOL bless her heart, you would probably have that look too if someone took your covers off to change you, but she is just so precious I just want to hold her and snuggle her close to me she is so little, thanks for the pictures I just loved that and her outfit is cute and the color fits her good :o)

  2. Thanks Lynn! Nellie has personality--that's for sure. She is so spoiled, thinks that she gets to cuddle in bed and not Opi. Poor Opi gets growled at and the last couple of nights, about 2am, they woke poor dh up fussing at each other as they looked for the warmest place in bed. :-)

  3. Aww, poor baby. I'm sure I would get the same attitude if I tried to do it to my Jethro. He likes to stay covered up too.

    That gives me an idea, though. I've wanted to try a doggie coat, but always had big dogs. Molly is Golden Retriever/German Shepherd/St. Bernard mix so she sure doesn't need a coat, but Jethro, the Jack Russell, might like one.


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