30 September 2010

Another WIP and Nothing Else Finished!

Here I am, hopping to yet another project without finishing up the others I have underway!  I needed something to work on that was "brainless."  So, I went digging in my stash and dug up some Christmas yarn--1 skein of red and 1 skein of green (ssshhhh don't tell anyone--I've had them for a few years). I also had some Red Heart SS in white.  I'm using these to crochet a super-sized granny square to use as a throw.  I'm going to give it to a dear friend for Christmas.  Here's where I was at with it this morning:


  1. very pretty and i love to crochet too. I have been crocheting. Have a great day.

  2. Thank you. I really need to start finishing some of these things before we're run out of the house by ufos :)

  3. Oi amiga
    Tem um selinho comemorativo para ti no meu blog, passa lá e pega


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