03 May 2010

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern

Sorry I didn't have this posted first thing this morning; I almost forgot (I'm getting old so forgetfulness is to be expected lol!).
Here's a link for a Christmasy afghan.  It is made of squares and is very festive.  Squares can be a pain to sew together but on the other hand an afghan made of squares is a great summer project.  Make the squares in the warm weather and sew together in the fall to have a special afghan ready for the winter holidays! Go to Bonnie's Poinsettia Afghan to see this cute pattern.

Search Amazon.com for christmas crochet patterns

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  1. This is a very pretty pattern, I dont know if I would have the nerves to crochet those over and over to make an afghan, I guess time will tell :o)


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