25 January 2010

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern--Dog Sweater with Stripe

Today's free pattern is for a dog sweater.  I made this one and it was pretty easy.  It was a little big for either of my chihuahuas so I gave it to my brother for his little terrier-mix.  The picture here is my mil's fur baby modeling it.  I thought the rug yarn the pattern called for was a bit stiff but I bet some of the chunky or bulky yarns we have nowadays would be better.


  1. That is just too cute, I dont think my doggy would like one of those though, plus she is a big doggy and she sheds so I can imagine what one of those would look like after she wore it a few times, it would look like a fur ball itself lol Sorry I havent commented lately, I had to work all weekend :o( hope you had a good one though :o)

  2. Yuck, weekend work lol! I really enjoy dressing the dogs, dh takes the clothes off of them as soon as he sees them--goofy man. I may try to make this sweater again one day with ww yarn and see if it fits my little ones better. The fur isn't much of an issue here. The little ones shed but not too much and our big ol' gal has to go to the doggie beauty parlor so we're pretty lucky with that. Hey, it's time for you to prop your feet up and break out the hook for some well deserved rest after working the weekend. Thanks for visiting.


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