31 December 2009

A Look Back at New Years Eve 1957

I was trying to think about what to post for my New Years Eve blog entry. Hmmm, I thought maybe I can check out youtube or google and see what I can find. Lo and behold, I found a video of the Times Square celebration in 1957 with Guy Lombardo. I was (choke, gasp, sputter) born in '57 so it is quite possible that my mom and dad were sitting on the couch watching this and feeding me my bottle at the same time! I want to wish everyone a happy 2010 and pray that our country, nay the world becomes a better place for us all. Anyway, here for your enjoyment is the video. Hugs...


  1. What a wonderful video, I just love watching and seeing what people are wearing back then and looking at their hairdos :o)

  2. I'm really feeling old today after watching that video! The black and white film (guess you couldn't call it video back then) the difference in hairstyles and clothes and not to mention that everyone was dressed up!


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