31 December 2009

At Last, Crochet a Striped Blanket or Afghan Without Loose Yarn Ends!

Do you sometimes resist crocheting items made out of more than one color because of all the loose ends that need to be woven in? I do. I found this video on youtube that shows an excellent way to crochet a striped blanket without all the pesky loose ends. What's even better, I think it looks like it has an edge on it without the extra work of working one! Check this out. It is by mikeyssmail. Hugs...


  1. I have to say I just cheat and wrap my lil string around another hole and then just tie it off LOL hopefully I havent confused you :o)

  2. I'm always confused! Nah, not really. I get frustrated with weaving the loose ends in. I have a granny square lapghan and an afghan waiting for finishing but I procrastinate because of the loose end thing. One of these days I'll get motivated...


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