03 May 2009

Garden 2009 Started

Started our garden this weekend. In the top picture you can see the entire garden and the other 2 pictures show the tomato plants. So far I've planted tomatoes, carrots, two types of green beans, and 2 kinds of green peppers. I have more plants and seeds to go--onions, garlic, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, radishes more tomatoes and several types of peas. We learned last year that a small home garden isn't large enough to grow corn in so we're going to buy a couple bushels of corn to freeze. After planting what I have so far, dh and I decided that we're going to have to enlarge the garden. I have put a few pictures here of our garden. It will be interesting to see it progress during the growing season. Here's hugs for all...

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  1. It's a beer garden! hehe Just Kidding :) I have always wanted a home garden, but when we had the room I didn't have the know-how. Now we have a tiny yard...I want to try tomatoes in containers. Good luck with your garden! It will be fun to see it grow....

  2. Guess I should have said I put the can there for size comparison. Wouldn't be bad to grow a beer or 2 lol! I grew one tomato plant in a comtainer last year and a pepper plant too. They did pretty good. This is only our 2nd time having a garden. We've been eating green beans from last years all winter. We're taking it easy on cucumbers this year because we still have beaucoup pickles from last year.


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