02 June 2008

Entry for October 13, 2007

Entry for October 13, 2007

On this day in history 1775 - The Continental Congress establishes a Continental Navy, later known as the U.S. Navy. The Naval Historical Center has a great online article about the Continental Navy so why don't you go visit their page and read it? (graphic from http://www.history.navy.mil/library/online/continentalnav.htm)
Hey, I found a really great crochet page. It has crochet pillows shaped like the alphabet! Wouldn't it be interesting to crochet pillows spelling out your child's name and putting them on his/her bed? Here's the link for the patterns.
(Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog)
NOTE: The link for the pillows isn't working. I found a few patterns for letter pillows.
You may be able to find other letters by using your favorite search engine.

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