18 July 2016

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (18 July 2016) Sale Info Too...

Today's link is for a pattern for a mandala. It is decorative but not overly fussy just the way I like them. Check it out and if you make one let me know what you think.

Michaels has Sugar 'n Cream yarn on sale for $1! It would be great to add to the hoard stash. I came home with a good sized bag of it and it's in the car waiting for an opportune time to bring it in the house. Husband is good about my stash acquisitions; on the other hand, I get a guilty conscious. ;)

Have a great week and stay cool....


More mandala patterns


  1. wow this is beautiful Sharon ty so much! Right now I am in a funk and have not picked my hook up in a month. I hope I push myself out of it soon. Ty again!!!

    1. You're very welcome. Blog land is rather dead now. I enjoy seeing your creations very much so I hope you put your hook to use soon.


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