08 September 2015

Purple and White Winter Set

Today's show and tell is for a purple and white hat and scarf. At a Roses discount store, I found a skein of "Team Spirit," by Red Heart, as a special purchase. There was only 1 skein but I liked the colors so the yarn hoarder in me quickly grabbed the yarn and threw it in my cart. I decided to use this yarn to make a scarf out of. The scarf is completely done out of single crochet. I did 2 rows of the "Team Spirit" and then 1 row of white. I only had a tiny ball leftover when I finished--good thing I mixed the white in with the "Team Spirit." Then, I made a hat out of white and I had a small ball of purple leftover from another project and the purples matched! So, here's the finished projects:

I'm really happy with the design the yarn took on in the scarf. I am not happy with the yarn itself because it is scratchy and stiff. I will wash these items with vinegar in the wash water and use a good fabric softener in the rinse to soften the yarn.

I'm still churning out my Christmas projects. My current project is a supersize pair of slippers for a man. For me, finding a pattern and colors to use for a man aren't very easy. For a few years, my ideas for the colors I used for men's slippers were based on plaid flannel shirts I'd seen. Strange, I know but the men in my family are very traditional with their clothing. As a matter of fact, my husband is "hooked" on the same style of Skecher tennis shoes/sneakers/whatchacallit shoes and I have to go to Amazon to find them. Actually, I should be happy because he did change styles about 3 years ago and prior to that he was stuck on the traditional style of Reeboks for over 20 years. He's becoming more stylish in his old age. 

This is all I have for now. I hope to have a few more finished projects to share with you in a day or 2. Take care my friends.


Ott Lights


  1. What a nice set. DH's can be tough when it comes to making stuff. I'm glad you found something he liked.

  2. Nice! It's more than I've done lately. I've really been in a crochet rut and don't feel like making anything. I hope that changes with winter.


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