01 September 2015

My Crochet To-Do List and a Plan

I'm getting serious about my Christmas crochet list. I already have quite a few things made but these are what I have left to do.
  • 2 pair men's extra large slippers
  • 2 hats for men
  • 5 pair women's slippers
  • 5 pair of men's slippers
  • 2 women's hats
  • 1 scarf for woman
  • 2.5 Christmas stockings
I hope this is all I have left to make for Christmas. I have big plans after I finish these projects--I will be attempting a graph afghan--if I don't chicken out. I have a tendency to fall back on many of the same patterns over and over again because I get secure with them. I am also a collector of yarn paraphernalia gadgets. I have butterfly looms, knifty knitter looms and a knook set and I've only used the knifty knitter to make a few hats. I really splurged and bought PC Stitch to make graphs and boy oh boy is it an unfriendly program to use. I am making a resolution here and now to be more adventurous with yarn projects and learn how to use the gadgets I have been hoarding.

I'm going to be seriously watching videos to help me master "graphghaning." Mikey of Crochet Crowd always does a great job with his video tutorials and I expect that these tutorials will be excellent resources to learning how to make a graph afghan. 

Okay, the plan is made and I'm excited about it. Just need to stay motivated and finish the Christmas projects quickly. 

Take care my friends!



  1. You're doing pretty well - I haven't even thought about Christmas yet. :)

  2. We're going to be doing the snowbird thing again this year and I want to have it all taken care of before we go.

  3. Sounds like a great plan, Sharon! You have a lot of things to make, but I'm sure you'll finish them in plenty of time. I'm the same way; I tend to fall back on the same old patterns. I've always wanted to try a graphgan. Repeat Crafter Me has had a lot of posts about them lately. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Kate. I have a friend and she's going to be making her first graphghan so I hope that we can encourage each other.

  5. You are going to be busy, busy, busy with that list!! wooo hooo!!! Remember to take breaks to rest your hands. Hugs

  6. I was able to revise my list a little bit when I realize I had a few projects already done in my gift drawer. :)


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