20 August 2015

Hat Has Been Frogged and Recrocheted

If you look at the post I made before this one, you will see the problem I had when I made a hat without checking my gauge. It was huge! I down-sized my hook by one size and the gauge worked out fine. Here is the new, and improved version.

Unfortunately, this is not a free pattern. It came out of a Crochet! Magazine.

Citation: Mann, Sharon. "Double Your Pleasure Hat." Crochet! Magazine Presents: Crochet For a Quiet Evening, October 1, 2013, 54-55 and 132-133.

This is all I have for now so see you later gator.



  1. Pretty hat! I always have to lower my hook size too. I crochet loose and it makes everything bigger. I have made some HUGE hats in my time! Haha.

  2. Thanks! There is one hat that I have to upsize my hook and it is Elegant something or other by Kim Guzman. It's a beautiful hat too.


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