05 July 2015

My Current Project

...is a lapghan made of granny squares. There is a story behind these squares. My mother-in-law had bought these squares at a thrift store and there was matching yarn included with them. I made a bunch of new squares to add to these sqares make an afghan and discovered that I had used the wrong size hook. I then made a bunch of black squares to coordinate with some of the squares and alternated black and multi-color squares.

The afghan I made in 2013--

I ended up with a bunch of odd squares that literally "didn't fit."  Fast forward to yesterday, and I started to use these squares to make a lapghan. This is one that I hope to donate to the veterans. What I do not like about these squares is that whoever started making them put a single crochet around each square and only left an inch of yarn that really doesn't weave in nicely.

Here's what I have so far--

That's all for now folks...



  1. It's wonderful you're finishing this, Sharon; it's going to be very nice.

  2. It's still very pretty!

    Maybe you can crochet and extra round onto them and the new squares to boot, with a stitch that is easier to join together...just a thought.


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