30 March 2014

Blog Background Went POOF!

Editted--The Cutest Blog on the Block is back. I checked 31 March 2014.--Sharon
Just threw this pic in here for the heck of it!
My blog background disappeared and as I was snooping around trying to find out what happened, I discovered that "the cutest blog on the block" had disappeared and with it my blog background. At first, I was kind of aggravated about it. Then, I started thinking that how kind it actually was of the designer to offer for free the backgrounds (s)he put time and talent into designing. I did find the new background for my blog at Blog Designs by Dani.  So, if your blog background went "poof" and your blog looked like it was loading for an extremely long time, then the host for your background may have gone out of business.

Take care everyone.


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