10 February 2014

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (10 February 2014)

I keep coming back to this pattern. I love the classy look of this hat. I make it with a larger hook so that my hair doesn't get mashed down so much.   Here are a couple of my versions of this hat. On the variegated version I put a flower instead of a bow.


  1. Pretty hats, they look very nice. Hope temps are starting to warm up for you. Take care, Heather

  2. That is a popular hat right now. I've seen it made on several sites. Yours look great. I'd probably use a bigger hook, too; I don't like tight hats. I like the flower on the second one. Thanks for sharing the link :-)

  3. We're still in the 20s here with snow on the ground. We're driving to Florida in a couple weeks to visit uncle so we'll warm up then. The bigger hook makes the hat fit better. The one I made with the hook that the pattern calls for slips above my ears all the time and I crochet loose. Thank care and stay warm :)


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