25 July 2013

P.O.D (Plan of the Day)

It's that time of the year again--tomato sauce making season. This year, I am using roma tomatoes (and other misc tomatoes from the garden too). I do have a gripe about this years tomato crop. I ended up with 6 cherry tomato plants and I expected them to be "big boys." Seems like the wrong name was put in the planters for my tomatoes. We'll see how this years batch of sauce turns out. Sauce making is about to commence very soon now.

After our evening meal, when we usually kick back and watch a little television, I will be finishing up the baby blanket I have been working on. I only have a few ends to weave in (mostly kept up with them), a quick wash and then a bit of blocking on the spare bed.

I hope to have a "reveal" of this blanket within the next few days. I'm loving this pattern. I had a hard time deciding on how I wanted to join the squares; I've developed a fondness of single crocheting on the right side and that's the route I went. You've probably guessed from this picture that the blanket is for a little boy. Must be my age or something but I really like the traditional "pink for girls and blue for boys" colors and was pleased that the friend I'm making this for requested blue.

Stay tuned for the reveal and link to pattern.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Enjoy your sauce making Sharon. It's funny that you mentioned that the tags are wrong for your tomatoes - our tomato plant and pepper plant are not what the tag says either. Weird. :)

  2. Mmm...fresh tomato sauce! I hope it turns out for you. Can't wait to see your blanket all done.


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