25 July 2013

Blue Baby Blanket out of Squares

I finished this blanket for a baby boy tonight. I'm going to do a quick wash and blocking and then it's off in the mail. You can find the pattern here.

I have 2 more baby boy blankets to make--one is almost done and the other one will be another spiderman one (per request). Oh yeah, and there may be a 3rd one, but if it is a girl, then I have a pretty one in the gift drawer that I may use but if it's another boy, then I'll have to whip up a quick one in boy colors.

My tomato sauce is still cooking down on the stove. It smells delicious! I'm getting in the mood for some Italian food. I'm thinking that I might try out a new recipe tomorrow night. Stay tuned...


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  1. The baby blanket looks great - the new Mom will love it. Have a good day. :)


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