25 July 2012

WIP--OOPS, It's a Finished Project Wednesday Today!

I finished 2 things last night. The first is the afghan I had put aside for a little while. I only needed to weave in the ends but we know that those can sometimes be project "stallers." A super-duper good friend commissioned me to make this so she could gift it. I need to finish a little "something-something" and then this will go in the mail. Anywho, here's the finished 'ghan:

The pattern is a freebie from the Red Heart site. You can see it here.

And there is another pair of baby booties I finished last night. The pattern came from the June 2010 edition of Crochet World. The pattern is also available at e-Patterns. You can find it on this page.  Here's the picture--

Looks like I have a fondness for purple. Actually, they're different brands and the booties are made of "leftovers" from some slippers I made myself earlier this year.

Hope y'all are keeping your cool. We're in a heat wave again and it is predicted that we'll be having record breaking temperatures today.

Thanks for stopping in. Hugs to all...


  1. The afghan came out looking real nice Sharon - and the little booties are cute. :)

  2. Those little booties are the BOMB! I love, love, love them. Your blanket is so pretty. Purple is such a wonderful color. Always makes me smile and feel happy.

  3. Awesome work!

  4. Very nice projects, congrats on finishing!

  5. That's a really pretty afghan. I like it a lot.


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