08 June 2012

Photo a Day for June 8th

Today's photo subject matter is 6:00.

Here's an older picture and it represents what the "babies" want about 6 PM--a snack! Here Opi is chowing down on a pig ear. When we have our supper, either we give the "babies" something to snack on or we have to listen to Opi cry and see Nellie Belle's sad eyes staring at us. The spoiled little ones sure have us figured out.

Here's some more information on the Photo of the Day for June if you're interested.


  1. Sugar is the same; big sad brown eyes until you give her some of what you have. Shameless how we spoil our furry babies!

    1. They really have us trained don't they? My two are going to be furious with me. They both have allergies especially Opi and he tears his skin up scratching. So, Monday we're switching them over to a new, hypoallergenic dog food and that means NO dog treats for at least 6 weeks and then we can reintroduce 1 thing at a time and figure out which foods (if any) are causing the allergic reaction. I'm going to feel soooo mean withholding treats. :(


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