12 June 2012

I'm Falling Behind on My Photo of the Day Challenge! Oh NO!

Catching-up time

June 10th--
"Best Bit of Your Weekend"  = Having the time to appreciate nature's beauty.

June 11th--
"Door" = New deadbolt on Sunday means a new paint job needed on Monday.

June 12--
"From a Low Angle" = Animal habitat in tree

I'm caught up for now and I hope to stay that way. I really need to force myself to get out of the house with my camera in hand and get some variety in my surroundings. I am realizing by taking these pictures how limited my exposure to new/different things is.

If you're interested in how this picture of the day thing works, go here.


  1. Nice photos. I'm glad you're still doing it. I'm having a hard time coming up with "interesting" topics because I don't get out much, either.
    You've been such an inspiration to me, I have a surprise for you. Check out my post for June 12.

    1. I'm headed over to your place now!


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