02 May 2012

Chance to Win "The Best of Interweave"

Go here for your chance to win a copy of "The Best of Interweave." Good luck blogger buddies! :)

No crocheting yesterday, and I don't know if I'll have time to do any today :(. Doing some work in the yard. My new Kindle Fire should be here today and I've been like a kid waiting for Santa Claus! So, I'm going to be hard-pressed trying to concentrated on my chores when it gets here.

Take care everyone...:)

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  1. Hope you have fun playing in the yard. I love working outside..ohhh KindleFire...I asked for a Kindle for Christmas and hubby got me a Nook....its ok but now I want the Kindlefire...will have to see how you like yours
    Debb~~~ http://crochetoholic.blogspot.com


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