18 April 2012

Info on Baby Sweater

I loved the baby sweater I was making until I got to the collar. The directions were not easily followed and my collar turned out all frumpy looking. I looked at other's finished sweaters on Ravelry and some of the other collars are also kind of frumpy looking so it isn't just me with this problem. I'm going to frog my collar and I think I'll just put a pretty shell edging on mine. I looked around for the pattern since some of you asked for it and it's here.  One thing I didn't realize when I started the pattern is that there isn't any way to fasten the front. You need to improvise something if you want it to close. Another problem with the pattern is when making the 2 front panels, you should actually make the yoke one stitch smaller because when you make the pretty shell design, you have an extra stitch which is no big deal when you sew it together but it is an error that should be fixed in the posted pattern. I'm going to try a snap closing with a bow at the top and see how that works out. Stay tuned...

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  1. Congrats on sticking with it through the tough spots. I know it'll look great when it's done. Good luck!


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