19 April 2012

Baby Blues Sweater...

It's finished! I frogged the collar and crocheted shells around the neckline. I sewed ribbons to the top to have a pretty closure. I also applied fray check to the ends of the ribbons to well, prevent fray. ;) Anyway, I am so glad it is done. Here's the finished product:

Oops, looks like I didn't smooth the front down before snapping a pic.  The color is off in this picture, the sweater is darker blue and the background is actually sage green and rust stripes. The sweater is going to get a quick wash and then put in my gift drawer. 

Think I  may resume work on a shawl that is currently languishing in UFO limbo.

Take care y'all...


  1. It's beautiful, excellent work.

  2. It's very nice!

  3. It came out beautiful! The shell collar is a nice touch.

  4. Very pretty and sweet sweater. :-) Happy Friday.

  5. The sweater turned out really cute. I like what you did with the neckline.



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