10 February 2012

Me and My Boycotts...

Some of you who have been following me for a while are probably aware that I will boycott companies that I consider to be substandard in their service or quality of their products. This year, I have started my boycott of Walgreens because they no longer accept Tricare (the military/military retirees/military dependents) medical insurance. Even though they have offered to not raise their prices for a few years, their prices were still 20% higher than other participating pharmacies so they were basically given the boot when they refused to "get with the program." I miss using the coupons out of the Sunday paper at Walgreens but Walmart will accept some of them. Please check Walmart's coupon policy because there are some "tricks" to using coupons from their competitors.

The other company I have been boycotting for almost 3 years is Taco Bell. Why??? I am boycotting them because if I wanted to eat taco-flavored taco shells rather than taco shells with filling then I would have bought a bag of tortilla chips at a dollar-type store! If you visit Taco Bell's website, you will see false advertising pictures of food items that look like they're meant for hearty eaters contrast this with a blog entry from April 2009 and you can see a picture of my taco-flavored wannabee taco. The thing is, I wrote them an email and they never bothered to respond to it. When I was on Facebook the other day, I saw a Taco Bell ad on the sidebar. It connected me with their Facebook page. When I saw someone had complained about a skimpy amount of filling on his food item I directed him to my blog entry about this and now that I've publicly brought this to Taco Bell's attention they want me to go there and fill out a complaint form or call a toll-free telephone number. If they're seriously interested in "fixing" this problem then they can contact me because I contacted them 3 years ago. By the way, we now call a local Mexican restaurant and order our tacos there, go pick them up and end up with tacos full of filling and a bonus of tortilla chips and salsa for about 2 dollars more.

Am I the only one who boycotts businesses? Let me know!

In our area we're supposed to have the coldest days of winter this weekend. Hope everyone is staying warm. Hugs to all...


  1. I am with you on Taco Bell... seems to me that their food has just gotten worse and the portions skimpier. We now get our Mexican food from a local establishment and it may be more expensive, but we get plenty of food!

  2. Sharon,
    I too consider myself a consumer advocate and this is one of the main reasons, besides getting paid to be a consumer consultant that I do online market research and paid surveys, because companies, including fast food restaurants are paying me to tell them what I like and don't like about their products, it's like being an insider who they want to hear from. They seriously do listen, and changes have been made as a result. It really all depends on which department you contact, and who you talk to, but when you go on the inside and let them pay you, changes can, will be, and are made. I wish I could tell you exact products, movies, video games and such I have made changes too and watched come to pass, but unfortuneately I am obligated to not tell or talk about those particular formalities due to confidentiality agreenments which are legaly binding, lol...but I am tired of all of the poisons and crap that is being put in food, and now I get to try new things first and let them have it on how bad certain things are in their ingredients and since they pay to listen, they listen, lol. Anyhow, on another note, I read that you have been sick I too have been under the weather but I'm going to pray for you. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs


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