16 April 2009

My Take-Out from Taco Bell--Mighty Skimpy

I suppose most of you have seen sizes of many products shrink. Cereal and ice cream are two that immediately come to mind. Fast food places have jumped on the bandwagon. Today, I brought home a bag of tacos from Taco Bell. Well, if I didn't have my glasses on I would have been hard-pressed to see the meat. Here's a picture of the delightful taco that one could almost say was "meat-flavored" instead of having meat. Does anyone else have a similar story to relate?Add Image


  1. On 2/9/12 I bought a $5.00 Cheesy Cordite Box consisted of a burrito supreme, Gordita taco, & taco supreme. I discovered there was no more than a tablespoon of meat in all 3 items & because it was obviously so minimal I returned it, spoke with general mgr Mario & actually opened the Gordita taco showing him how the meat was in the middle of the taco so small of an amt it didn't even go all the way across the entire taco shell. He tells me that's the amt the owner instructs them is the most they are allowed to put in their products. He did give me my money back but when I asked him if meat is measured, his response was yes, however when I asked how much he could not tell me. He also refused to give me the owners name so I could try to resolve the issue and inquire about my problem. The taco was 90% lettuce and the burrito was a flour tortilla with a tablespoon (no more than that) you can see just by opening it up and looking at it) and sour cream. When I bit the burrito all you could taste was sour cream and a flour tortilla shell! Mario, the general manager told me if I wanted extra meat I would be charged more!!! That is reasonable if they originally put an ADEQUATE AMOUNT IN IT TO BEGIN WITH, but to tell me it was enough when it was SO OBVIOUS it wasn't and to ask for more money is ridiculous. Basically, he was telling me to pay MORE money for an adequate amount and more for extra so in essence that's equal to charging me 3 TIMES WHAT THE FOOD IS EVEN WORTH!!!!!!

  2. That is terrible. I haven't been to Taco Bell since April of 2009. My husband "secretly" went to Taco Bell when I was recently out of town and he said that his food item (I don't remember what he said he got) was so skimpy and that he'd honor my boycott in the future. What gets me, is that I went to Taco Bell's website, and put in a complaint that they never responded to. Now that I have posted publicly on their Facebook page they want me to fill out a complaint form or call some toll-free number. I did my part about 3 years ago, now it's their turn. Thanks for your comment!


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