11 January 2011

Made an Earwarmer

I'm making a bet with myself that when son #1 goes on his trip he forgets to bring a hat with him (or can't find one) so I tried out the pattern I posted a link to on Monday to make a set of earwarmers for him. I really like how it turned out. He's not here right now so the ol' Teddy bear modeled it for me. I tried it on and I really, really like it. I can see some earwarmers in my future. Oh, and maybe I better post a direct pattern link for you too. Thanks for checking this out.


  1. Number one son should be very thankful to receive such a "cool" looking hat :-)

    Have a Nice Day :-)


  2. Im sure your son will love that. I want one for myself to try I even printed out the pattern thanks so much for sharing HUGS

  3. You're welcome. I'm going to make a few more myself.

  4. That bear looks like he sure is warm!

  5. Thanks for the links and I love your model today!


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