11 January 2011

Baby Cocoon Ensemble Finished

Tonight, or I should say last night since it is early in the morning today, I finished the baby cocoon and hat I've been working on. The pattern is from Annie's Attic Cuddle Cocoons by Sandy Powers. I noticed that even though I crochet loosely, I had to go up a hook size for this one. So far I don't have plans for this one, I just wanted to make one of these cocoon ensembles. Here's the pic:
I really need to figure out some better backgrounds to use. :) Now that I've finished this project, it's back to figuring out how to make some order out of the disorder in my spare room/craft room until I find some more yarn I have forgotten and get side-tracked making something else again.

Y'all stay warm....


  1. Excellent work. You could sell it.

  2. Very pretty. I really like the tassel at the bottom. Hope you are enjoying the snow - it's still snowing here...

  3. Thanks. Still snowing here too and the temperatures are dropping so the slush on the roads is turning to ice. I love looking at the snow, just loathe going out in it. :)

  4. I think your background pic is just fine and I love it!!!! I love the color, one day there will be a lucky baby out there warm and snug in that :o)

  5. Thanks Lynn. I washed it and put it in a plastic bag and it just may go to the next baby I need a gift for. I wish these were around when my kids were babies.


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