18 May 2011

It's that Time of the Year Again....

I found corn on sale for only 20 cents an ear so I bought some and I'm going to freeze it. Last year we figured out that if we could find corn for under 25 cents an ear it was cheaper than what we paid for a bushel. Anyway, corn is shucked and waiting on water to boil so I can blanch it. This year I'm going to freeze the corn instead of canning because I'll need my jars for pickles and I'm thinking of making spaghetti sauce too. We'll see how it goes. Last years tomato crop really sucked because of the drought we had so I didn't get much tomato sauce made and no spaghetti sauce. I have 14 tomato plants in the garden. I still have a few more things to plant. My fingers are crossed for this year!


  1. Sending you good growing luck for your garden. :)

  2. That corn looks so yummy and I sure wish the best for your garden this year!

  3. Thank you. With all the heavy rain this spring and crops getting in late, produce may be priced sky-high so I'm hoping my garden does well.


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