21 May 2011

I Actually Accomplished Something Worthwhile....

Yes, I did accomplish something today. I finished planting the garden. I started and dh joined in and helped a little bit. I had already planted potatoes,and garlic and dh had planted tomatoes and today (or I should say yesterday as I glance at the clock) I added green beans, purple peas and cucumbers. I planted a "salad bowl" too. The salad bowl is a large planter filled with salad greens and the ones I've seen have not only been edible but also decorative.  Here's a few pics for you:

These are the potatoes we had already planted. I let some of my potatoes get the eyes on them and then planted so we didn't have to buy the sets. The potatoes were new potatoes that had 3 types in the bag and one kind was purple!

The tomato plants. They're kind of small can you see them? :) 

I'm thinking about planting my sweet potato--It's getting big.

DH putting the finishing touches on the garden with water and Miracle Grow.

No, we're not raising pigs! Nellie Belle dragged one of her "babies" outside and promptly forgot it.

I was going to end with a "pretty picture" but blogger won't let me add more photos. :-(


  1. The garden looks good Sharon. I'm only going to plant tomatoes and cucumbers - have to get those today.

    That's cute that Nellie Belle has 'babies' - my Ladybug would probably just chew 'em up.

    Have a good weekend. :)

  2. Sounds good Debi. This is only our 4th garden. 1st year I had lots to freeze. The 2nd year I started canning and last year I think I got a few pints of tomato sauce canned and that was it because of the drought. My fingers are crossed for this year :)Good luck with yours too!

  3. The garden looks very good...I did absolutely nothing today, so I admire you!

  4. Your garden it looking great. I'd love to have a veggie garden, but most of our yard is shade. Enjoy your weekend. :-)


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