13 May 2011

Finally the Blogs Are Up and Running...

Blogger is back on line. I was going through withdrawal. I've been trying to read the posts I've missed but on the reading list on my dashboard they're all mixed up with ones I've already read grrrrrr...

I've finished making all the squares for the latest granny 'ghan I'm working on and all the ends are woven in (so far). No picture of it for you yet so please be patient a little longer ok?

Here are a few pictures of the amateur nature preserve aka our yard:

Momma robin keeping watch on...

Baby robins; 1 made 1st flight a few minutes after photo was taken.

A few of my flowers:

There is a story that goes with this next picture:

This rose was originally a rose tree but the top was totally broken off from the trunk. For 2 years I debated on where or not to dig it up and toss in the trash because it grew bushy, but didn't have blooms until this spring. I'm happy I kept it.

Believe it or not, these pretty little red roses are supposed to be carpet roses but they're growing like climbing roses for some reason... 

Pretty irises

I hope y'all have a great weekend...


  1. Amiga lindoooo!!!Amei....bjus

  2. Your yard looks pretty with all your flowers. I found another Robins nest in our yard and the eggs have hatched in the one I had on my blog the other day. I wonder what happened to Blogger? Some of my comments got wiped out on my most recent post. Have a great weekend.

  3. Thank you. Maybe blogger was down for maintenance and someone "goofed" and "broke" something??? That's just my theory.

  4. Oh wow love the pictures and that is so cool you get to enjoy the Robin birds so close too!! Thanks for sharing :o)

    I have knockout roses and they bloomed once so far and it seems like they don't want to bloom anymore :o(


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