31 March 2011

My Blog Won an Award

Clara of Clara's Crochet Room bestowed upon my blog a "Stylish Blogger Award." I'm tickled pink about this. Thank you Clara.

According to the rules, I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself that you might not know. Here we go:

1. I'm 54 and wishing I had grandchildren but no sign of that happening. Son #1 and his wife can't have children and son #2 isn't married and says he doesn't want any because kids cost too much money.

2. My chihuahuas, Opi and Nellie Belle, are my babies. Well, maybe you knew about this.

3. I blog to meet new friends and maybe reconnect with old ones. Actually, I blog for myself too and if others like what I put in my blog that's icing on the cake.

4. I am so hooked on the game Cafe World on Face Book that I have burned my real supper because I was too busy with my online cooking. :(

5. I'm thinking about writing a novel--if I can stay off of the Internet long enough. One of my college professors was so impressed with my thesis that she suggested I enlarge it as a book. Unfortunately for me, someone else wrote on the same topic. So, maybe a fictionalized version might work.

6. I don't mind washing clothes. I'll do it all day long and fold them too. I really loathe putting them away. Sometimes I get spacey though and leave clothes in the washer too long and have to rewash them.

7. Last month, I received my first check from adsense. Wooo Hoooo--took me 14 months for enough readers using the google search box on my blog and clicking on google ads. I was so thrilled.

Now I have to pick some blogs to pass this award on to. I'm picking some different-type blogs that I hope you will enjoy reading.

Some impressive blogs in no particular order:

1. Loom Dude Because his blog has me anxious to finish up some ufos so I can take out the knifty knitters again.

2. Posh Pooch Designs Because she has some awesome free patterns for chihuahua accessories.

3. The Old Jarhead Because he posts articles on current events that show various sides of the issues.

4. Ramblin' Southern Woman Because she's down-to-earth and a nice person with similar tastes in crochet projects.

5. USS Houston CA-30 When I was in college, I wrote my thesis on this ship and her crew. They were sunk during WWII and the crew were held as POWs for the duration of the war. I was impressed by the few survivors I was fortunate to meet and I believe their story needs to be remembered.

6. Butterfly Loom--Another crafty thing I want to do after I finish some ufos. Very good video tutorials for butterfly looming.

7. About Amish--I find this interesting to read because there is a large Amish community close to us. Very detailed information about the Amish from an educated source.

I did not choose Clara's blog only because she just received this award and passed it on to me. Her blog is fantastic and a favorite of mine so please drop in and visit her. I'll be sending out notifications to my selections pdq so if you're in the list know that I will be sending you a notice to pick up your award. Hugs to all of you.

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  1. Congradulations on the award, you definitely deserved it. I will now go and find relevant ads so that you can get closer to your next cash out, hee hee.

  2. Congrats on your award, you truly deserve it and thanks so much for thinking of me I hope all is well :o)

  3. Sharon, you are so great for so many reasons and that is why I love visiting your blog. Well, being just one year older than me shows we really do have a lot in common and I thought I sensed this long ago. I love your list of facts cause many are very similar to mine. I just left a few stragglers in my washing machine yesterday that I meant to hang up but caught myself just in time....phew!


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