19 February 2011


If you are going to get your hair cut, don't use the stylist who spends time talking on her cell phone when she cuts hair. Short haircuts become super-short! That's what happened today when I went for a haircut. I'm a bit distressed about how short my hair is. I wanted a little bit of spikey action but there isn't enough hair to do it with. Grrrr.....
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  1. I have had stylists walk away and talk on the phone and they were short conversations because for one if they were long she would lose my business right there and I never had them cut while talking I would definitely have to walk out that is just rude, Im so sorry your not happy with your cut, usually those trips are supposed to make us feel good about ourselves but I have been there too with the too short hair, hope it grows out fast for you :o)

  2. Give it a week and you'll be lov'n it! It's snowing today...big fluffy flakes; far cry from yesterday's weather. Hope you have a great Sunday. Heather

  3. Thanks Lynn and Heather. Heather, small chance we'll be getting the flurries on Monday evening; we'll see. Take care...

  4. Oh my gosh, I hope you got your money back!!! I would give that person a piece of my mind. That has happened to me before and that last time was the very last time, I made my mind up that if I ever let anyone trim or cut my hair again that I would not walk out leaving feelings unspoken. lol It's true that the hair grows back but you should have at least gotten your money back.
    On another note, did you get the email I sent you? I'm still a little sick, perhaps a few more days and this flu will be completely over.

  5. I paid her. My husband told me I should complain to the place but I'm always afraid I'd get someone fired and times are tough right now. I got your email Piper and I just sent you one back. I'm not very good about checking email:( . The hair will grow back but in the mean time I'll save money on shampoo.


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