19 February 2011

Hooked Not Only on Crochet but On Blog Reading Too

I love reading blogs. Since I've started reading blogs, I rarely do the magazine impulse buy at the grocery check-out. This is good--money isn't being spent to toss in the trash or drop in a donation box a few weeks later. Whenever I visit someone's blog, if I see a comment someone left that sounds interesting, intelligent or amusing and I'll visit their blog and soon I'll be scanning comments left for them and before you know it, I'm following a gazillion blogs-lol! I do enjoy them but I often don't have time to leave as many comments as I'd like to. If I don't leave a comment, I still enjoy reading your posts. I have found that many times, I'm reading about the same thing when I visit Crochetville.org and an individual's blog so I may only leave a comment on one place. If I'm visiting someone's blog and I feel compelled to get more information about what I've read there, I will use their google search box and maybe they can earn a few pennies if the writer has google for adsense installed. Anyway, before I started inanely jabbering away, what I wanted to say is that I am now reading 241 BLOGS!

As I was looking for a graphic to put on this post I found this comic that I thought was amusing:

I have a twitter account but rarely go to it, the same with myspace.

Hope all of you are having a great weekend. It's a bit overcast here but it isn't too bad otherwise. The crocheted hat and scarf wearing is having a break today. Hugs...



  1. Sharon, such a great post. I have dropped the magazines as well. There are so many places to visit on line for anything you want. I love it too.

  2. Wow 241 blogs to read, I dont think I could manage it LOL Im happy where I am in blog land now. I always love buy magazines too and I have made myself actually look at the projects now in the crochet magazines to see if I would ever make any so recently I have even bought any of those because I know I will get around to make anything out of them but they are still fun to look at for free in the bookstore though hehehe. I used to be bad for getting the magazines all about the stars but I dont do that anymore I can read them in a day and that money sure adds up for sure. Happy Sunday to you :o) OH, I loved the twitter cartoons, I dont do any of those but that is funny lol

  3. Not all the blogs I read update regularly so maybe it looks like I read more than I do. A few haven't been updated in more than a year, some get updated every now and then and probably 1/2 get updated every week or more often. There are 241 on my list (unless I miscounted :0)Hope the weekend is going well for y'all.

  4. dear sharon, the questio of what i like to read in blogs... the truth for me, is i like beautiful pictures with crochet patterns.... i love crochet, and i like to see simple project becoming great project..i do not like to read too much in a blog... i like it short.. the only thing i dont know, is how to make people write you comments, like you say we have to ask them their opinion? maybe you are right.. nevertheless, i liked discussing this subject.. congratulations for your afghans...

  5. Thank you Muriel. I appreciate your input. I'm really happy with how the afghan turned out. It was such a simple idea and used up a lot of odds and ends in my stash.


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