23 February 2011

So What's Up with Crocheting Lately?

Today, I'm making the last pair of slippers that I need. I did have a pair of ladies in the "gift" drawer so that was cool (or maybe it's "kewl" nowadays). This pair is out of Caron's black and RedHeart SS warm  brown and will turn out to be a plain ol' men's pair of slippers. I'm getting a little bit bored with making slippers and I'm in the mood for something new. I'm actually getting antsy about sewing squares together. Hmm, that's NOT normal. ;) I'm considering everyone's advice on what kind of project to take with me to work on while I'm gone a visitn' in Florida. Anyway, before I get too wordy, here's the picture of the slippers that I don't have much done on.

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  1. I tend to go crazy with one type of project, then switch it up and do the same thing with the next. One time it'll be slippers, then granny squares, then scarves, then dishcloths. I need to learn to mix it up a little!

  2. I understand completely and relate to it 100% too.

  3. We have never really been on a long trip since I have been back into to crocheting alot, but I wouldnt know what I would take with me if I did, hmmmmm I think the socks and the dishrags are a good idea that way you wouldnt have to pack too much yarn and you wouldnt have to be changing colors too often, Im sure what you choose to do will be the right move for you :o)


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