08 February 2011

Opi to the Rescue...

I don't think Nellie Belle likes the shrug I made her. I put it on her this morning to take her picture and she took it off and "lost" it when I went to get the camera. So, he-man Opi became the designated model. He doesn't mind wearing a flower on his sleeve. Here's the "man" of the hour--

The pattern I based this doggie shrug on is here. I used a smaller hook and did this mainly in dc rather than the huge stitches they used. I also modified the flower by only making one of them and putting a button in the center. I think it is cute but I know dh will strip down the babies if he sees them wearing it. When he's not around, we play dress-up!


  1. Oh, isn't he a cutie. Great work on the shrug. :)

  2. LOL thats funny about your hubby undressing the babies. He is so cute being your model :o) You did a wonderful job on the doggy outfit! I love the flower addition also.

  3. Thanks! I just love dressing the "kids" and dh just can't having them dressed. It's a battle here--I buy or make clothes and he strips them. :)


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