21 February 2011

Finally, 21st Century Phone Service Here in the Sticks

Our telephone company only had the old fashioned plans where you pay as you go for long distance service and did not offer unlimited long distance. Our cable company recently began offering the package deal for cable, telephone and Internet. So, we are now able to use our home phone to call our old friends and not get the surprise at the end of the month. This is great because with the exception of my sons, ALL my family is out of state. I had been using my cellphone to make long distance calls but at the end of the month I would need to keep checking my minutes to be sure I didn't go over. I did that once in all the years I've had a cellphone so that's not too bad but that one time emptied out the wallet pdq! Anyway, it is nice to know that even though I live in the sticks I now have 21st century phone service. :) Hope everyone is having a nice day...

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