15 January 2011

Let's Read Together

Anyone interested in reading some good old-fashioned literature? Why don't a group of us have a virtual get-together and read the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne? You can download it for free from this page at Project Gutenberg. There are several different formats. You can read it on your computer screen, download it to your Kindle or several other formats that I'm not sure what they are. :) OK, there are 24 chapters. How about if we read 3 chapters a day. The chapters are relatively short so it shouldn't be too much of a struggle. I will set up a posting for 3 chapters each and we can each write comments about what we're thinking as we read--such as compare and contrast then and now and whatever other ideas you may have. I haven't read this book since I was a sophmore in high school (early 70s UGH) so I'm getting excited about reading it again. If the pace is a bit fast for you, that's ok because you can always go back to where you're at and leave your comments too. Let's get reading--first assignment "due" on Monday, 17th of January...

NOTE added 20 Jan. 2011: Didn't get too much interest in reading this so maybe we can do this at a later date with another classic book. 
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  1. I have never read that book, and with my work schedule I dont know if I could keep up with everyone else if others join but I cant wait to see how it goes. I got a book from the library a couple of weeks ago and I didnt even read it if I had any time at all I was in the craft room LOL isnt that sad? I sure hope you are having a good weekend :o)

  2. Maybe 3 chapters a day is too much? They seem to be pretty short but it's hard to tell with eBooks. We can always change it to 2 or even 1 chapters a day or maybe just do several chapters a week. Hopefully some people will want to do this. It will look strange if I'm the only one doing it. Books, crafts, work, household stuff--how's a girl supposed to know what to do??? Lynn, I hope your week is going well.

  3. I am assuming this is the book the 1995 movie with Demi Moore and Gary Olman was from. Part of the movie was shot in my province. I think you have a great idea here but I cannot take part at this time. Thanks for your comments on my blog!

  4. I read the book in school as an assignment. If I remember correctly it was written in old English? I think you have a great idea though! :-)

  5. I don't remember if we ever read that book when I was in school, but I have seen the crappy movie version with Demi Whore (oops did I say that, LOL) and also the old classic black and white movie version of it though I can not remember the actors names. I can however remember this line of the Adulterous woman and her daughter playing pretend soldiers marching together "Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom." LOL, That part of the film was too cute. Hope you are having a good day.


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