16 January 2011

ANOTHER New Project

Nope, I haven't finished the projects I've been working on and yes, I did start another project. I am working on a granny ripple afghan. I need it for someone so the slippers and granny square afghan I was working on are on hold for now. My camera I just got a month or 2 ago is acting up so this picture was taken with my phone camera so that's why it's kind of icky. I really love the colors of this new afghan. I'm going to be sad at parting with it but that's the way it is with so many things I make. It almost feels like I put a little bit of myself in the things I make. Do any of you feel that way or am I being a little bit silly? Anyway, here's the picture:

ps--I think that the teddy bear is going to become my mascot since he shows up in so many pictures I take :)


  1. Every time I make something a little piece of me gets crocheted/knitted into it so I know how you feel... your craft from the heart :D

  2. Love your mascot and your granny ripple is very pretty. I do feel that way when I make something and then give it away as a gift. You aren't alone. :-) Enjoy your Sunday evening.

  3. This is going to be beautiful! I love the color choices you made. Can't wait to see the progress you make on it.

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I agree that a little bit of me gets crocheted into things I make. I guess that's why I'm pretty selective of who I give things to.


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