05 December 2010

PTSD and Women Vets

As I was watching this video, it brought back some vivid memories of events that I was aware of from my time in the military. I can not say how things are in today's military because I separated from the US Navy in 1992. I do know that any sort of abusive relationship problems oftentimes were brushed under the carpet and abused sailors were told "you weren't issued a family/boyfriend in your seabag"--in other words, we don't want to hear about your problems. There may be help on the horizon although I am wondering how many women vets will actually be sent to the facility in California that is mentioned in this video. Interesting video, I guess I shouldn't say I hope you enjoy because this is not an enjoyable topic.


  1. This is a very important and serious issue that needs to be kept in the forefront of the news. Let's hope programs continue to help these women
    and that the military is made to take immediate action to resolve the problems. Thanks for the clip!

  2. Very complex subject of equal rights and opportunities in the military and complex living conditions in the field with such diverse personalities and morals in close proximity--what a tangled web and in some cases what disaster over and beyond battle. It's, in away, "friendly fire" that cased these women such trauma.

  3. You were right. This was not an enjoyable topic to watch. But it was interesting and something that the families and friends of military men and women should know about. Thanks for posting it.



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