25 September 2010

Best Wishes on Your Birthday Dad

Dad, where ever you are, I'm sending you loving wishes for your 78th birthday.


  1. Aww Happy Birthday to your dad, my moms birthday was on the 22nd, she died when I was 6 years old but I think of her all the time, Happy Birthday Sharons dad and I hope you have a happy Sunday!

  2. Thank you! Lynn, I lost my mom when I was young too, not as young as you but I was 12. I too think of my mom quite often and being estranged from my dad for most of my adult life has been hard. I just want him to know I'm thinking of him if he or someone he knows sees this post. I don't deal well with rejection.

  3. Hugs you Sharon, I sure hope someone sees it then :o) Im sorry about your mom.


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