05 May 2010

New Facebook Group

Hey, I just started a new group on facebook for the former crew, family and friends of the USS Harold E. Holt. If you happen to have an association with this group stop on by and visit!  The name of the group is

U.S.S. Harold E. Holt FF-1074 Former Crew, Family and Friends

So far I am the only member lol!  I have talked with a couple former crew members and they expressed interest in a group when I mentioned that I was thinking of starting one.  I hope they join because I'm kind of lonely as the only member. ;)


  1. Well I don't do facebook but I wish you luck with lots of folks joining you so you won't be lonely :o(

    I love love love that picture of your Iris, gracious that is just a beautiful color and flower!

  2. For a long time I avoided facebook. As a matter of fact I deactivated my account. I had myspace but then all my contacts were jumping ship (no pun intended lol) and heading over to fb. The problem with fb is that I have become totally addicted to the game Cafe World! I looked up a couple of old navy buddies and 1 has joined the group so far. My fingers are crossed that more will be found. We were such a tight-knit group back then and it is a shame that so many of us have lost track of each other.


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