05 May 2010

Parenting Advice from Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

One of my favorite ladies in history is Eleanor Roosevelt. Behind the great man Franklin D. Roosevelt was the greater woman--Eleanor Roosevelt. Not only did she do the political campaign bit for him she was also his legs and ears out in the field where and whenever he was unable to go because of his paralysis. On a more personal level, she was a loving mother to her children. In 1931 she wrote an editorial for The Parent's Magazine that is as relevant today as it was then.  "As parents, we must realize that modern life tends to make us soft, and we must let our children meet their own difficulties, find their own solutions to knotty problems and gain experience for themselves.  It may seem hard but what a sense of satisfaction there is when one feels sure of the ability in one’s self to meet a difficulty."   Go here and you  may read the entire editorial.
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  1. I love her also, when I used to work at the book store I would always love looking at books about her and looking at all the pictures of her back then she was a very pretty woman to me.

  2. She's great and her wisdom is timeless--as relevant today as it was then. It was only a few years ago I saw a few younger photos of her and I thought she was very pretty too. I guess today we are used to more makeup and hair dyes and stylish clothing for older women in the news.


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