05 February 2010

Potholder and Dishcloth Completed


Yesterday as dh and I went to the VA Hospital for my appointment, I sat in the waiting area and worked on this potholder.  I finished it last night and had only a small amount of one of my colors to make this dishcloth that I finished this morning.  The reason behind making a potholder is that I was looking at my potholders and they are TRASH!  I hate to waste them just because they're not pretty but the ones I have are way beyond the "not pretty anymore" stage.  I made this potholder to be functional.  This basic design is the workhorse of potholders.   The pattern is a freebie from Lion Brand Yarns.  It whipped up pretty quick and I'm going to make a couple more and throw my current (store-bought) supply in the trash.  The dishcloth is just one row single crochet and alternating rows that are double crochet, chain one and then skip a space and double crochet again all the way across. A single crochet edge finishes it off. Thanks for visiting...Sharon 


  1. ooh I love those, I might have to do that one day because my pot holders arent looking that great either....good job girl :o)

  2. Thanks Lynn! The old ones are in the trash and I finished a 2nd new one tonight. I think that should hold me over for now. I'll post a picture of the new one sometime tomorrow. Later on maybe I'll make some pretty ones but these are so practical and that's what I really needed.


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