08 December 2010

Old School Crochet--

The following patterns are in the open domain and are taken from the Project Gutenberg site. This item is taken from: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NEEDLEWORK BY THÉRÈSE DE DILLMONT

Crochet square (fig. 441).—Begin with 4 chain stitches, and work 1 single on the 1st chain, to make a round. Work, 1 chain and 2 plain on the next chain, 3 plain on each of the next 3 chain, 1 plain on the stitch on which the two first plain are worked.
Slip the next stitch, that is, put the needle in between the horizontal bars of the 1st plain stitch of the previous row, and draw the thread out without making a stitch.
Then make 1 chain and 2 plain on the slipped stitch.
After which, you make 3 plain on the second of the 3 plain that form the corner, and 1 plain on all the other stitches of the last row. The beginning and end of each row, are worked as described above.
Fig. 441 represents a square, worked in consecutive rows. In making a crochet square, the rows may end in the middle of a side.
FIG. 441. CROCHET SQUARE. Fig. 441. Crochet square.
When you use a stitch that has to be worked to and fro, you turn your work at the end of every row and work back along the stitches you have just made.

Crochet hexagon (fig. 442).—Make a foundation chain of 6 stitches, join the round; 12 plain on the 6 chain; finish the row as indicated for the previous figure == turn the work == * 1 plain, 3 plain on the second plain of the last row; repeat 5 times from *. Finish the row with 1 single == turn the work == 2 plain, 3 plain on the second of the first 3 plain; 3 plain and so on. These hexagons can be made of any size.

FIG. 442. CROCHET HEXAGON. Fig. 442. Crochet hexagon.

Coloured star worked into a light ground (fig. 443).—Begin with 3 chain, join the ring = 2 plain on each of the 3 chain; then for the foundation, 1 plain with the dark thread, and 1 with the light on each of the 6 plain.
In each subsequent row, make one dark stitch more, increasing regularly, that is, making 2 stitches on the last light stitch that comes before the dark ones.
Proceed in this manner until you have 6 or 8 dark stitches, in all and then begin to decrease in every row by one, until there is at last only one dark stitch remaining.
These stars are used in the making of purses, cap-crowns and mats for lamps, etc.
FIG. 443.
COLOURED STAR WORKED INTO A LIGHT GROUND. Fig. 443. Coloured star worked into a light ground.


  1. These are great. thanks for sharing, I love to crochet.

  2. Those are really cool and I love the hexagon one :o)


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