23 October 2010

Slippers Are Done!

Here's the latest completed project of mine. After these, I'll wait until I get a few pairs completed before I post pictures. This time of the year, I make quite a few pairs of these and I don't want to burn you out on them. Anyway, here they are, my favorite slippers!

Edited to add this link:
Pattern is from http://www.knitting-crochet.com/crochet/slisoc.html 


  1. Wow your slippers awe awesome..
    No wonder you get so many orders...
    Great job and they look soo warm..
    Lillibet aka Moomooo

  2. where'd you get a pattern for those? i happen to own a pair (the ankle cuff is a bit different) someone gave me.. but they've seen their better days... i'd love to make a new pair for myself!

  3. Excellent job indeed.

  4. Thanks everyone. You have made my day with your kind compliments. I have been making these slippers off and on since the late 70s. For quite a few years when my kids were growing up I didn't do too much crocheting but I have been back at it for probably 15 years or more. I wore out the book the pattern was in because I dragged that book around and used it so much. The exact pattern is online now. You can find it at http://www.knitting-crochet.com/crochet/slisoc.html

  5. Cute slippers and reminds me that I need to get started on some.

  6. So cute..love them
    Hugs Suz x

  7. I love them and I love the colors also, I need to make my daughter some slippers :o)


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