21 October 2010

Happy Birthday Ray!!!

Today is dh's birthday.  He's 4 1/2 years younger than me--sshhh don't tell anyone!  Here he is coming home from work today and Opi and Nellie Belle are greeting him with balloons. I made him a cake and brought home some KFC--one of his favorites. I told him that we'd go this weekend and he should pick out something for himself. I never know what to get him. I said he should get whatever he wanted as long as it didn't have wheels because he's been talking about Camaros, Harleys and Ford 4x4s.  Men and male menopause geez... ;)

Hope y'all are having a great day too.  Hugs...

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  1. LOL happy Birthday to your dh :o) and the little ones with the balloons was a great idea, I love that!

  2. LOL @ Male Menopause, the funny thing is, right after reading camaro, harley, and 4x4's, and before reading male menopause, I was totally thinking mid life crisis, andreopause, ha ha. Great minds do think alike.

  3. lol! He's practical in so many ways but sometimes I wonder! Anyone interested in buying a 1986 Corvette that is sitting in my garage? DH dusts it off (literally) and drives it a block or two every now and then before he puts it back in the garage because he's afraid of getting a scratch on it! It's got to go, any takers????


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