13 October 2010

New Link for a Beautiful Round Afghan Pattern

I added another link for a new free round afghan crochet pattern.  This one is by Aggie May of crochetville.org.  Here is the somewhat extensive list of other free round afghan crochet patterns that I have compiled for you and me.  Enjoy!


  1. I really like that one I like the colors she used, its very pretty, one day Im gonna make one LOL right now my WIP is a hooded scarf but I ran out of yarn so now I have to wait for a coupon or it is on sale, the regular price is 3.99 and I rather not pay that LOL Hopefully I will have it finished soon, hope you are having a good week :o)

  2. I agree the, color is pretty. She is extremely talented and generous too to give the patterns away. There are quite a few generous ladies at crochetville. I know what you mean about yarn. I usually use the good old 4ply ww acrylic yarns. When I see a sale I've stocked up and some of the colors I'd probably never have bought otherwise. A hooded scarf, sounds nice. Does it get cold enough to wear one where you live? I've never been there but for some reason I thought your weather was almost as warm as Florida. Shows how much I know :) Hope your week is a good one too.


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