20 September 2010

What's Teddy Holding?

Teddy is holding on to the leg to the doll I started making a while ago.  Poor dolly has been languishing on a small table in the family room waiting to have some legs attached.  Teddy is zealously guarding the leg I finished last night.  I have lost all interest in this project and I'm finding it very hard getting in the mood to work on it. For several weeks, most of the shoe part of the leg has been done and the materials for this project have been staring at me every evening when dh and I kick back in the family room.  OK, I've promised  myself no new major projects are to be undertaken until this one is done!  I do need some "brainless" projects to work on that I can shove in my purse and work on at doctor appointments and such.  Anyway, I thought I'd just bring you up-to-date on what's up in my crochet world.  Have a great day folks!

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  1. That poor little dolly, bring her to life woman LOL Im just kidding I totally understand about losing interest in a project. I have tried 3 patterns of a dang pumpkin so far and have given up on each one because I am just not feeling it lol I hope you are having a good week!

  2. Well that makes me feel better, i have to little prim dolls without clothes and hair for two years. Tedd is cute :)

  3. You ladies have lightened my mood! Keep after me Lynn and I'll get 'er done. :)

  4. Oi amiga
    Muito lindo seu blog. Parabéns!!!!
    Beijinhos ^_^


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