21 September 2010

What I Enjoy about Fall...

The season is getting ready to change.  Fall is in the air.  Even though we're still having temps in the 90s during the day, the evenings are sometimes dipping down to 50s.  A few leaves are changing colors and will soon be falling from the trees.  Another blog writer wrote about what she enjoyed about fall and I thought I'd put my 2 cents in about what I think of it too.  So what do I like about this soon to be here time of year?

  1. We usually don't have to run the heater or the a/c so utilities cost less
  2. Pumpkin cappuccino, pumpkin pie and basically any pumpkin foods
  3. Homemade soups and stews
  4. Colors--golds, browns, oranges and scarlets
  5. The comfort of snuggling down under lots of blankets
  6. Beautiful scenery with the trees changing colors
  7. Clothes made for cooler weather
  8. Television reruns are done with
I say "fall" and not "autumn." I'm sure there are more things but this is what I was able to come up with quickly. So, what are your favorite things about fall/autumn???  Hugs...

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  1. MMMM I think I add soups and stews to my list too because I absolutely love those lol I loved your post about Fall :o)

  2. Soup sounded so good that I made a pot today and it's in the 90s!

  3. LOL your too silly, but that is something I would do also, hubby wouldnt approve though he is not a big soup fan and definately not in the summer time lol


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