08 September 2010

Starting With My Knifty Knitter Again...

I've been thinking of breaking out my knifty knitters and making some hats for my guys.  I haven't loom knit very much so I decided to go to youtube and check out some videos there. Here's one by piggelwiggins that gives a great lesson on getting started.  I've only made a couple hats a few years ago with my knifty knitter so I really need some help review here.

Have a great week everyone!  Hugs...

Search Amazon.com for knifty knitter


  1. I have never done that, I can't wait to see your hats when you are done :o)

  2. I've never used one. What all can you make besides hats?

  3. I've only made hats and a couple scarves that curled up on the edges--there's a trick to making them lay flat that I just heard of. People make afghans, slippers, dog coats, and all sorts of things with them. Here's a link to some patterns


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